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Квест на найта
HushitoДата: Суббота, 13.06.2009, 20:10 | Сообщение # 1
читай пост >_>
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Квест на найта

Для того чтоб стать найтом идите вверх пронты в гильдию мечников

Разговариваем в первым челом и соглашаемся на квест

Подходим к соседнему челу, если вы с 50-го джоба, то чел посылает вас дальше, если меньше 50, то принесите ему лут

По 5 шт Elder_Pixie's_Beard, Wing_Of_Red_Bat, Orcish_Voucher, Moth_Dust, Reptile_Tongue, Wild_Boar's_Mane
или по 5 шт Short_Leg, Heart_Of_Mermaid. Blossom_Of_Maneater, Flesh_Of_Clam, Old_Frying_Pan, Snail's_Shell

После того как отдали лут подходим к челу за столом и отвечаем на его вопросы

A Knight must possess great strength, defense, speed, and the skill to wield a Two-Handed Sword. Which of the following weapons are not affected by the Two Hand Quicken skill? Flamberge
Good, now let me ask about some skills. Which of the following is not necessary to learn Bowling Bash? Provoke Lv.10
Knights can also use Spears, unlike other jobs, and have skills related to Spears as well. What skills are not necessary to learn the skill Brandish Spear? Spear Boomerang Lv.3
Some Spears also have magical attributes, just like spells. Of the following, which can attack a Nightmare, which has the Ghost attribute? Zephyrus
But, you can counter this speed decrease as you learn the Cavalier Mastery skill. What percentage of your normal attack speed will you have after learning Level 3 Cavalier Mastery? 80 % of normal attack speed
What should you do when you run into a Novice asking for help in town? Tell the Novice of a reasonable hunting area.
Alright... Now, how should you act within a party? Protect everyone in the front of the battle.
Lastly... what's the most important value a Knight must have? Honor

Теперь поварачиваем голову на север комнаты и переходим к практическим тестам

Вас отправляют в битву где вы мочите мобов на трех локах

После жесточайшей битвы вас отправляют учить манеры к тетке

Отвечаете на вопросы >:о

You are a Knight and you are looking for a party in Morroc. How would you go about doing so? Open a chat room and wait.
You reach Level 4 of the Pyramids with your party. What should you do? Check out the area and plan ahead.
But some rude players came with a group of monsters and disappeared! What should you do? Defend while the party retreats.
The person is asking politely for help. What should you do? Ask your party's Priest to help.
But you find a rare item during the battle. What should you do? Give it to who deserves it the most.
What should you do to sell your item? Inquire if there is anyone that is interested.
While you are waiting, someone comes and begs for items and zeny. What do you do? Give them some Zeny and items.
But you run into someone that is lost. What should you do? Tell the person how to reach the exit.
Ah, then a Priest happens to walk by. How would you ask the Priest for a Heal? Would it be possible to get a heal please?
You then find a rare item on the street. What should you do? Ask around to find the owner

Теперь подходим к челу между диванами и соглашаемся на тет

Наступает самая трудная часть квеста, не убивайте мобов сидите 3 минуты и ждите

После сложнейшего квеста подходим к мужику и отвечаем на вопросы

Is it to show off to others? To attain fame? Or do you have a diferent reason? What do you think is so good about gaining strength as a Knight? Gain wealth and fame.
So how do you think you can help your guild? My guild needs me.
So... What part of yourself are you not satisfied with right now? Skills.
If you become a Knight right away, what are you going to do first? I am going to go straight to battle.
Good attitude... What do you plan on learning? Ways to get more money as a Knight...

После этого мужика возвращемся к первому нпц, поздравляю вы найт

Гайд составлен Hushito, все ошибки и дополнения по гайду пишите в этой теме.

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Fable.Форум » Гайды » Гайды по НПЦ и квестам на Fable.RO » Квест на найта
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