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Guide gardening
CанктПетербургДата: Вторник, 14.02.2017, 13:38 | Сообщение # 1
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So you decide to do quests but do not understand what plants and what it eats itself?

Here I will try to describe all the details that you need and what will.

First, you can get acquainted with the NPC Садовод (he is located at arug_que map to get to it is possible through varpera(Варпер>>>Квесты>>Садовод)).This is our main escort in the world of gardening.

Next, we need to perform a simple quest to become a full-fledged gardener (this quest is taken from NPC Садовод), and more precisely to knock gardener certificate with Shining Plant that is located on the yggdrasil01 map but plant it has become strong to get a certificate of knowledge and killing him is not so easy.

Skip certificate knocking and let's move on)

You have become a gardener fully and completely.

Many people ask the question "why do we need it to go out?"

The answer is: A majority in quests designed to FableRO required loot that you can only "grow" and there's no way of gardening.

The very complex science of plant cultivation and is divided into several parts.

In order to obtain the desired plants need roots of the plant, fertilizer and holy water. (First you give your seed when entering the game, "Семя древа новичков")

Корни we can get a revealing boxes that fall in the forests of Muscovy already 5ryh with different monsters: a  Лесавка falling Лечебные корешки, a Лешего Запасы Лешего, a Кикимора Коробка ведьмы, a Баба-яга  Колдовская коробка и с Мавки сундучки мавки. All of these monsters can be found on 3 locations
(mosk_dun01 ,  mosk_dun02 ,  mosk_dun03).

In every seed of a certain plant roots require 45, which I am sure you will extract easily))

Then there are the fertilizer and this is perhaps the most difficult that can be in horticulture as almost every fertilizer is a quest, but yet not so complex and confusing and just chuchut and now everything will unravel everything with you.

But first we will need to do Mixture Counteragent and you can Thanks to this Hyde

Since fertilizer is required for each particular color dye and paint just need Counteragent и Mixture

Make certain color dye can NPC Java which can be found Dullihan writing @w morocc_in 144 99

So get down to the actual fertilizer))

Торф - for each "peat" we need the following things: Korvodailnirol 5 Detrimindexta 5, Alcohol 5, Lucky potion 1 (Dropped by Jocker alde_dun04 on location), Empty Bottle 2
Перегной - For it will require 30 Зеленый Краситель (it can be embossed with Coockie monster xmas_dun01) and
Lucky Potion 1
Фосфор - For it is necessary Алый Краситель 1 (see above how to paint), Apple Juice 2 (You can knock out with the earth elementals on location prt_gld) and Lucky Potion 2
Костная мука - For him the need to Белый Краситель 1 (see above how to paint), Banana Juice 35 (Drops from Elemental aru_gld winds on location), Lucky potion 2
Зола -For it is required Черный Краситель 1 (see above how to paint), Carrot Juice 2 (you can knock out of the fire elementals on location sch_gld), Lucky potion 2
Калий хлористый - Requires 2 Оранжевый Краситель (see above how to paint), Carrot juice 3, Lucky Potion2
Аммиачная селитра - Requires Фиолетовый Краситель 2 (see above how to paint), Grape Juice 3 (Drops of Water Elemental alde_gld on location), Lucky Potion 2
Суперфосфат -Requires 3 Синий Краситель, Grape Juice 4, Lucky Potion 3
Карбамид - Requires Лимонный Краситель 3 (see above how to paint), Chocolate 4 (falls from LHZ Defender Type ll lhz_dun02 on location), Lucky potion 3
Сульфат Аммония  -  Requires Apple Juice 4 , Белый Шоколад 4 , 4 lucky potion(Falling from LHZ Defender Type lll lhz_dun03 on location), Lucky Potion 4 .All these fertilizers are needed for our future plant fertilizer but only one is required for each plant. To find out what fertilizer you will need to just go to the NPC gardener and ask for new seeds and then select the seed you need. When you have already fertilizers, roots and the holy water on the same item, you can get the seed of a plant that you need.

But that is not all. There was one small thing. From NPC Gardener went down where we see a large clearing where you can put our plants. there choose the place comfortable and hit a seed like want to eat it)) Then where will I just have to choose the name of your plant and voila !!!! The plant is planted. Now, every 24 hours you will be able to gather the harvest from it, but do not forget that your plants alive and they need care, namely water and fertilize the ground otherwise the plant will die prematurely. Pour all of us the same holy water and fertilize all the same fertilizer, which was used for the cultivation of seed.

Now you know a little more about gardening and hopefully will be able to become a great gardeners))

Notes: Holy water can be bought from NPC Scrolls Archmage to get to where you can by writing @w gon_test 51 94
Fable.Форум » English Forum » Guides » Guide gardening
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