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So I think all seen boxes Storm, Thunder, and others. So sdes describe using what and from whom they knocked out.
Storm Box (storms)
Storms Vybivayutsya With Stem Worm Card. Occurs it at Level 3 Hidden Temple.
The probability to get the Storm at the box monster-killing zhivotnogo.Vstavlyaetsya in accessories.
What makes the Storm Boxes? Storm Enchantment Boxes Give your weapons on the water element.

Thunder Box (turnbuckles)
Thunder knocked out with a card Garguli.Obitaet She Glast Khaimah in the sewers (Calvert)
The probability to get the Thunder Box by killing the insect-monster. All cards in the boxes in the Acces vstavlyayutsya.
They provide increased speed for 20 sec.

Box Sunlight (Sunlight)
Embossing using cards disguised tiger. He lives in Level 1 loyang dungeon.
Probability to get box Sunlight in the murder of angel monster.
The effect of both the Mai purpl, but the last 60 seconds.

Giggling Box (Gigla)
Vybivayutsya using the card in Wrath.obitaet glast Church (St.Abbey)
The probability get a laugh box when killing undead monster.
Restores 20% of max HP.

Box Rage (or something)
Embossing using raydrika archer card.

Probability to get box Wrath from killing the demon-monster
+20 Attack Gives.

Box Drowsiness
knocked out by a Sleeper cards.

Probability to get sleepy box when killing the monster-fish
20 Gives the uterus.

Box Panting
knocked out with the help of the card Orc archer
Probability to get breathless box with a humanoid monster murder
Restores 9% max sp, 30% to impose on itself the status of silence.
Fable.Форум » English Forum » Guides » Boxes
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