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A manual for LK [EvilRoom fast farm]
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Good day!

This guide is intended for beginners who want to understand what, in fact, aspire to, and how much effort it will cost.

For anybody not a secret that the parameters of the time. More main parameters - more damage, survival.
And if something more, then the farm will be faster.
In this case we are primary parameters:
STR - 1000
VIT - 1000
DEX - 1000

and secondary:
LUK - 500+
INT - 250+
AGI - 1

To obtain such values you'll need to get 1,000 level character and a Wizard.
First you will have no problems, but the second...
The easiest solution is to ask someone in town for a while. The bonus stats you can get from NPC with the name BONUS.
It is located in the maintenance room on the right at the bottom near the NPC to reset.

When you get things - and then do its getting.
Still, he needed to complete quests on a very good thing.

2. The list of necessary items
The list is quite large. The fact is that for really efficient farm in EvilRoom you'll need expensive things. And without some farm impossible.
But to produce them from scratch is unrealistic. Spend 30-40 seconds on the cleaning of the room is inefficient, although possible.

Much easier and faster to farm Hugel, with some budget things.
How to farm in Hugel - you can read here.
EvilRoom - the choice for those who have already got some things, and wants to achieve really stunning results in 3-4ккк per hour. And it's real important to drop coins, all was well.

As a variant - to ask friends the right things to rent, at a good price to understand whether you need it or not. Some continue to farm in Hugel, despite the possibility of further growth.
So here's the list:



Fable Pike +6...+10

the market price for Fable weapon +8 ranged from 14 to 19ккк.
The beauty of sharpening in the possibility of a caste skill Provoke on yourself.

Cards in weapons
1xThanatos Card - the more armor the opponent has, the more it damage.
3xAbysmal Knight Card - classic increases the damage by 25% for each card on the bosses.
Analogue cards
1xThanatos Card
2xAbysmal Knight Card
1xSanta Poring \ Turtle General Card's


Stone Buckler +4...+10

Clearly our choice due to the decrease damage 5% from big monsters.

Card shield
1хAlice Card
Decreases damage by 40%.

There are several options, but I would recommend two.

Budget Green Valkyrie Helmet +4...+10

From sharpening of this helmet special benefits will not, so you can run even with +0.
Market prices come from 2ккк for him.

And full - White Lord Kaho's +8...+10

Best option for farm EvilRoom.
The market price for +8 Kaho's ranges from 16 to 20ккк.

Map in the hat
1xGiant Hornet Card - decreases damage by 10% from Evil.

Ski Goggles

A small damage bonus, plus a bonus card.

Purchased from NPC for 90кк

Map in glasses
1xGiant Hornet Card - decreases damage by 10% from Evil.

Blessed Wings +9...+10

The inability to push us any skill. That is why need wings at least +9. Otherwise the Evil will sway you across the room and kill =)

The price on the market from 6ккк. In the best case.

Aebeccee's Raging Typhoon Armor+5...+10

If you have not enough money for this armor, it is possible to suffer with insertion in one of the accessories Plasma Card.
With it you will have jars on the resist from the elements, which you beat. Constantly use them, so as not abated buff - and it will allow you to survive in the Evil Room.
But I have one question - do you need it?

The cost of this armor goes from 3.5 KKK with it. In General, if every penny counts - it is easier to complete the quest.

Card in armor
1хGloom Under Night Card
Will give a huge boost to damage.
Without this card fast Pharma do not wait.

Or budget option
1xTao Gunka Card
Will increase your survival rate.


The element of the armor - wind. This will allow you just tremendously reduce the damage from evil. Farm without this armor will be terrible.
But there is one alternative, though not very pleasant.
There is no options.
Purchased from NPC for 100kk.

The map in boots
1xGreen Ferus Card
Increase our health by 10%.

Diablos Manteau +4...+10

Distracting yourself after completing the quest. The prices are in fact not.

Map a Cape
1xDeviling Card
Damage reduction by 50%.


A small increase to the parameters.
Buy from NPC for 500кк.

Ring of Speed

Increase speed to quickly run to target.
Buy from NPC for 800кк.

Card accessories
1хAligator Card in each accessory.

In the end, it should look approximately so

Thus, the approximate cost of the equipment for a quick farm Evil Room for LK is 45ккк. Plus the cost of cards, where the basic price gives the map of Gloom, which is more 20ккк.
Farm 65ккк in Hugel'e can be approximately 30-40 hours of farming. Although some do it significantly faster.

3. Features of the farm.
We will use several skills.
First, it's Bowling Bash as a primary skill for dealing damage.
Second is a Charge Attack - as a means of transportation from point A to point B.

We also need the following buffs:
Aura Blade
Provoke (with Fable Pike+6 and above you can cast on yourself while holding the SHIFT key)

Before the entrance of Evil be SURE to buy buffs. Someone is buying them for the cards that fall from Evil, someone buys Zeny / coins.
It does not matter. Just without them, you sweep the room faster than you can sneeze.

Next, go into the room, and use the skill Charge is moved through a crowd of evil in the other end of the room.
The task is simple - collect the Evil in one big pile. This is done in 1-2 seconds, not more.
Then begin to beat Bowling Bash'eat, scattering all around for a couple of seconds.
As a result, the room should take about 10 seconds.

An example can be seen in the video from the next guide.

For maximum results you will have to download some SOFTWARE, which greatly simplifies the farm.

4. Useful
To farm for LK in EvilRoom you just vital some programs that automate the process.
No, it's not bots, don't worry. And the fact that these programs are almost all just forces me to put them in public access.

This UO Pilot, which will eat your Berries (no people this is the reaction that you want to eat the Yggdrasil Berry in EvilRoom, alas).
And clickers that will click for you with insane speed.

To download them you can follow this link.

The files should be unzipped. After that make a run as administrator.
Start the game, run UO Pilot. It put a checkmark next to "color". Press the W button, which is located just to the right of color and choose Ragnarok process (before the process name clock and date).
After that, click the bottom right play button (triangle).
If you have the berries are not at F3 - then change the text in the file and replace the F3 on a suitable button.

Clickers work somewhat easier. Run desired button (files given a name corresponding to the button) and it will immediately take effect.
Now you can just hold down the button to automatically cast the skill. Hold down F1 and skill castaeda as fast as possible. There's no need to zaklikivaem monsters to death - just move the mouse. The process of farm should be pleasant! =)

This is in fact everything!
If found any errors - please let me know and I will correct them.
Thank you for your attention! Good luck!

Fable.Форум » English Forum » Guides » A manual for LK [EvilRoom fast farm]
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