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Guide on Whitesmith
Йа_Тюлень_хДДата: Вторник, 14.02.2017, 15:36 | Сообщение # 1
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WhiteSmith - aka BS aka dad.

in this guide, you will see the following

(Partial information is taken from the neighboring Hyde - http://fablero.ucoz.ru/forum/88-18495-1, for which he thank you.)

1. Article
2. Seschi.
3. tactics against rivals
4. features BS "and
5. skill sheet BSA
6. Consumable

So, the first - article.
There are two basic build (but if you pull their socks up a fantasy, it can be more)

str 1000
agi 1
vit 1000
100 int
dex 1000
luk 731-739

str 1000
agi 1
vit 1000
100 int
dex 739
luk 1000

Question - what is the difference? And everything is very simple. That's what I tell the guide at the bottom, that is to say in fichah

A smooth transition to the Exodus. It should be a lot.

Head - (Hat)
Green Valkyrie's helm - ideal for BSA. With this hat it causes enormous damage, and thus is protected.
Black Valkyrie's helm - different cap for damage, but unfortunately for us the damage increases (+ sharpening 4-9)
White Valkyirie's helm - the ideal solution for agilnyh characters. (Sharpening to 7, further effect is not accompanied)
Golden Crown - against linkers, wizards and their derivatives (sharpening to +6)
Brown Valkyrie's helm - a great hat for protection if the damage or hits are missing. Also helps to keep the damage to one of the features .. (sharpening + 4-9)
White Lord Kaho's horn ideal for coating damage. There are 10% protection from Holy element that allows a little better defend against aspersio and holilayta.

Maps in caps: Orc Hero, Marduk, Nightmare, Gemini Elemental Card (protection of certain elements)


Wings of Mind + 6-10 - Main wings for BSA, help to survive and suffer physical damage.
Blessed Wings + 7-10 - BSA for now, alas, is not relevant. With the addition of "neottalkivaemost" parameter in fabliau weapons
Angel Wings + 5-10 - on 9 and 10 give the hit, then that need. as well as changes to armor element Holy
Santa Wings + 5-8 - call from 2 to 4 poringov to our aid. Assist in PVP, but adversely affect the outcome of the battle with LC (about tactics)
Adventuries Suit - 40% chance to cast some on yourself or the enemy when auto attack on YOU!

Points \ tails

There are 2 things that we need.
1. Kitty Tail (+100 hit)
2. Ski Goggles
Maps: Orc Hero, NightMare, Marduk, elemental (ODA protection from the elements.)

Shuba \ body

Elemental Bronka - a good thing against different classes, which beat its elemental damage.
Winter coat - standard PvP thing that gives the effect of Anti-Freeze
Spring coat - useful against HV, again, who like to leave the Stone Curse
Maps: TaoGunka, Ghostring, Bathory.

Muffler \ Cape

1. Valkyrie's Manteau - to Reflect (again, details fichah)
2. Diablo manteau - protects for 5% of the neutral. A trifle, but nice.
Maps: Noxious, Deviling, Raydric, elemental card.

Accessories \ Rings

1. STR megingjard - Damage from all skills (eg CT)
2. Ring of Speed ​​- What would be faster to run, no more.
Maps: Alligator, smokie, horong


1. Valkyrja's Shield + 7-10 - Standard Shield (you can still Strong Shield if you repel)
Cards: horn, thara, tirfing, gtb


1. Sleipnir - the best option for shoes.
2. Variant Shoes - good analogue, if no Sleipnir.
Maps: fallen bishop hibram, green ferus, matyr, verit, general egnigem


You must be at least 2 Axa.
1. Fable Axe - ideal gun for CT and other skills
Maps: (in fact, the CT does not affect the damage from these cards as TG \ Hydra, so do not be hung up on this attention, but eating is not, you are not rich in such a case may be.)
1. Inca tgh2, Hydra (no idea why I chose these cards, which would probably beat KR \ Mammonitom though they damage and less than that of CT)
2. Thanatos, 2hTg, Abyss (instead abismala hydra can be inserted, if necessary ax in pvp)
3. Inca 3hFrioni (popadenii on agilnym with articles on the build of Dex)
4. Inca 2hLoda 1 metaling (strip lvl 1 + status.)

The tactics in PvP
Here I will describe the most dangerous classes at the moment.

1. BS - LK
Yes, LC is the most dangerous enemy for the BSA. Why? And because fabliau ax +6 or higher gives not ottalkivaemost, which is a strong bonus for our enemy LC, but to survive, in principle, possible. Dress TAO, Tara Raydrika (by sant) and we press CT. If the opponent otzhiraet damage, we try with Santa with Heidi! (Required, otherwise the dumps with 1-2 bb). If things are really bad, trying to break through the status of the (many LK just shake DEX build, and very well vulnerable to status)
2. BS - BS
Yeah, but it happens. Well here who pontovo response and better armor. Dress green, container, TAO, trying to kill him. If all the bad status. If he started to beat you hand dress Coma Wings + bafori and he will die because of Mu Clan valkiiri. If not, we change dramatically on the main ax and issue wild dps.
3. BS - Ninja
situational fight .. Here it is necessary to change the panels Horn \ packaging, or you can put tirfinga and no steam at all. The main damage from Nina comes with Misty, because Phouma otozhrat really, but still hurt. Dress up as green and Valka davim CT (Nina is very acutely vulnerable to the CT scan, they do not stand for a long time, because they are not a lot of x, and two-handed fabliau prevents wear a shield.)
4. BS - Professor
The worst enemy, if he has a direct hand. Kill this Prof really unreal. But right now, the benefit of all profiles sharpened by GW, and normal INTOVyh Prof. right now is simply not there. Beat CT \ Mamo (+ status) if all else fails, then navryatli help. Since all of the profiles are bored to protection, and none is practically not run with fabliau STAF 10. It is very difficult to say that it will be able to kill the BS on the 1x1, but everything is possible.
5. BS - Sniper
One of the purposes of the lungs, unless of course, he did not agilny

1 - Cart Termination

2 - Mammonite

3 - Cart Revolution

We need the following consumables
1. Blessing scroll (use when applied to us curse (Curse), or to raise the damage.
2. Agi Up scroll
3. Aspersio scroll (+ Holy Water)
4. Box of thunder (if no Ring of speed)
5. Cursed Water (by angels \ holy element)
6. Cheese for removing debuffs and Lex Aeterna
7. Sushi \ Berries to recover MP \ HP (required!)
8. Box of storm (Water element makes the weapon)
9. Elemental scrolls (if Professor, then using his Kraft scrolls)
10. Aloevera + 5% ATK \ -6% DEF
11. Steamed Tongue - fish (food) PAGE (page 10 gives the using) a good increase to the final damage =)

Elemental Bronicas
Claytos Cracking Earth Armor +4 - +10 (as you like, of course a lot better when DEFa but expensive) - will protect us from the earth element is 75%. The fire element will beat 50% more and Poison element on a 25% increase over us. Insert the card Tao Gunka.
Aebeccee's Raging Typhoon Armor + 4- + 10 (as you like, of course a lot better when DEFa but expensive) - to protect us from the wind element of 75% and 50% of Water. 50% we will be more applied demag from the Earth element, and Poison by 25%. Dress with Tao Gunka Card
Lucius's Fierce Armor of Volcano + 4- + 10 - Protect us from the Fire element by 75% and 50% of the Earth. 50% more than we will apply the element of water and 25% Poison element. Dress with Tao Gunka Card.
Saphien's Armor of Ocean +4 - +10 - protect us from the element of Water to 75% and from Fire by 50%. 75% of demaga element wind will be more. Dress with Tao Gunka Card.

Elemental card into the mantle
Deviling Card - 50% from the neutral. Against Champa, fires.
Dustiness Card - 30% Wind element. Against Jupe.
Hode Card - 30% of the Earth. For example, anti-sniper Min
Isis Card - 30% of the darkness. Often at Palam hit with Shadov element.
Jakk Card - 30% of the fire. For example by Fayer Pilar Visa or from the fire Kreeatora.
Marse Card - 30% of water. For example from Faling Ice Pilar or Vater Bala.
Myst Card - 30% of Poison. Some snipers and Hans hit with Poison element.
Raydric Card - 20% of the neutral .Mozhno suit against Champa and poringov)
Noxious Card - 10% and ranged from 10% neutral.
Fable.Форум » English Forum » Guides » Guide on Whitesmith
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