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High Priest
Йа_Тюлень_хДДата: Четверг, 16.02.2017, 07:42 | Сообщение # 1
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So many people know that the priest is of course first of all nothing but Saporta. While still playing the "Mothra" I came across a couple of times with the concept of Battle Priest :-) There certainly he would rather bring a smile and was classified as a "Fan". But our favorite server you can say Priest gave the new birth and a new impetus to their play. For beginners will be curious to know that the priest have positioned as a magician Paul (Holy Light) and semi miles DPS (stools in the frontal)
So it makes no sense to describe the builds I see the final version of just one. About it and discussed below.
Stats (I write something like this as you have to catch the bonuses from his well of gear and choose the stronger beat Holick have more hp or strength):
Strength - 900+ - drags Yagi, armor, our demeydzh stool (and skill of Ifrit rings).
Wit - 900+ - xn, antistatusy.
Int - 900+ - mana, duration of frost, the size of healing, and of course DMY Holy Light.
Dax - 150+ - remove the half-caste
Agi - 150+ - catching up 193 ASPD
Lac - 800+ antistatusy, dodge varnish, and crits at us and so constant, although if yuzaem book coma then he will come in handy.

Useful skills:
Well, I use almost all the skills Priest :-) Thank God there BM, BM-believe without a priest, we do not addl.
Basic skills:
Requirements: Increase SP Recovery Lv. 3, Angelus Ur. 1, Impositio Manus Ur. 3
Class: Auxiliary
Max. Level 5
Consumption SP: 10 + 10 * Skill Level
Object: Player
Range: 5 cell
Cast Time: (0.5 + 0.5 * Skill Level) seconds
Delay: (1 + 0.1 * Skill Level) seconds
Duration: (20 * Skill Level) seconds
Description: On the duration character gets only half the damage dealt by enemies. The castles in the War of the Imperium can not use this skill (but it is possible to cast in front of the castle and the castle of the effect will work).
It can not be used in conjunction with the skill [Kyrie Eleison] .- WE CAN !!!
In areas of the War of the Imperium and PvP damage taken is different (the character receives 2/3 damage).
[Level 1]: Duration 20 seconds
[Level 2]: Duration 40 seconds
[Level 3]: Duration 60 seconds
[Level 4]: Duration 80 seconds
[Level 5]: Duration 100 seconds
We use a Wing ace not giving yourself. A good thing.

Requirements: Increase SP Recovery Lv. 1, Kyrie Eleison Ur. 3, Gloria Ur. 2
Class: Auxiliary
Max. Level 5
Consumption SP: 70 + 10 * Skill Level
Object: Self
Radius: 5 * 5 cell
Cast Time: (4 + Skill Level) seconds
Delay: (1 + Skill Level) seconds
Duration: (15 + 5 * Skill Level) seconds
Description: The skill is in effect zone blocking all the enemies and any attack. Requires 1 Red Gemstone, 1 Yellow Gemstone, 1 Blue Gemstone and 1 Holy Water. It does not affect boss monsters, and in the war zone of the Imperium. Using skills is impossible if his action zone is an obstacle.
[Level 1]: Duration 20 seconds
[Level 2]: Duration 25 seconds
[Level 3]: Duration 30s
[Level 4]: Duration 35 seconds
[Level 5]: Duration 40 seconds
For us it is often called a "rat" - but it's our saving straw, and a rather thick :-) Can perekastovatsya, wait imposed status and strip, just people to act on the nerves

Safety Wall
Required to: Magnus Exorcismus (Priest Lv.1)
Requirements: Aspersio Lv 4, Sanctuary Lv 3
Max. Level: 10
Class: Auxiliary (Ghost)
Flow SP: Ur.1-3 30, Ur.4-6 35, Ur.7-10 40
Object: Land
Range: 9 cells
Cast Time: (4.5 - 0.5 * Ur.Skila) s, at least 1 sec..
Delay: None
Duration: 5 * Ur.Skila seconds. and 1 + Ur.Skila physical attack.
Catalyst: 1 Blue Gemstone.
Description: Creates a security wall at 1 cell. Protect anyone standing on that cell from 1 + Ur.Skila physical melee attack.
Security Walls are not put in the same cage. Attacks closer than 4 cells are considered to be close.
[Level 1]: protects against 2 strokes
[Level 2]: protects against bumps 3
[Level 3]: protects against 4 strokes
[Level 4] protects from attacks 5
[Level 5]: Protects from 6 strokes
[Level 6]: protects against bumps 7
[Level 7]: Protects from 8 strokes
[Level 8]: protects against bumps 9
[Level 9]: protects against 10 strokes
[Level 10]: protects against bumps 11
What can I say almost minusuem briefly melee damage. Be sure yuzayte.

Kyrie Eleison
Required to: Gloria (Ur.4), Basilica (Ur.3 High Priest)
Requirements: Angelus Ur. 2
Max. Level: 10
Class: Gospel
Flow SP: 5 + 20 * [(Ur.skila-1) / 3]
Objective: A character or enemy (no shift in mode)
Range: 9 cells
Casting time: 2 seconds
Delay: 2 seconds
Duration: 120 seconds
Description: Creates a barrier around a character, protecting it from attacks. The number of health goals affect the strength of the barrier.
This blocking effect MaxHPtseli * (10% + 2% * Ur.skila) damage or + 5 [Ur.skila / 2] strokes, depending on what will be applied.
If the damage exceeds the number of lockable effect it will be weakened by this number.
Counter attacks changed only by the strike, and not on every "swing" monster (determined by a graphic showing the effect of "protection" for the player on which is superimposed effect and miss the show for all the other players).
Skills with a few strokes (such as Triple Attack), are counted as one hit.
Any magic attack also reduces the amount of damage blocked and counter punches, but when it passes through the effect of "Kyrie Eleison" dealing full damage.
If an object with this effect will cast Holy Light, it cancels the effect.
Kyrie Eleison takes effect "Consecration" on purpose and vice versa - the second on the same spell replaces the first goal.
[Level 1]: Absorbs damage in the amount of 12% of MAX HP, protection against 5 attacks
[Level 2]: Absorbs damage in the amount of 14% of MAX HP, protection against attacks 6
[Level 3]: Absorbs damage in the amount of 16% of MAX HP, protection against attacks 6
[Level 4]: Absorbs damage in the amount of 18% of MAX HP, protection against attacks 7
[Level 5]: Absorbs damage in an amount of 20% of MAX HP, protection against attacks 7
[Level 6]: Absorbs damage in 22% of MAX HP, protection against attacks 8
[Level 7]: Absorbs damage in the amount of 24% of MAX HP, protection against 8 attacks
[Level 8]: Absorbs damage in the amount of 26% of MAX HP, protection against attacks 9
[Level 9]: Absorbs damage in the amount of 28% of MAX HP, protection against attacks 9
[Stage 10]: Absorbs damage in an amount of 30% of MAX HP, 10 protection from attacks

Our second reservation. Caste and constantly on themselves and friends, makes a skin och often rush and gives a frontal :-)

Requirements: Warp Portal
Max. Level 1
Class: Auxiliary
Flow SP: 10
Object: Land
Range: 9 cells
Casting time: Instant
Delay: 1 second
Duration: 10 seconds
Description: Attack is considered far if it has a radius of 4 or more cells, even when used at a distance closer. Pneuma can not override the security fence, and vice versa. It does not affect Flee penalty when attacking player multiple mobs.

I think even say nothing. Using optional.

Holy Light
Max. Level 1
Class: Offensive (Holiness)
Flow SP: 15
Object: Enemy
Range: 9 cells
Cast Time: 2 sec. (Reduced by Dex)
Delay: no
Description: Attacks the enemy with holy light on 125% of MATK.
Here it is our MAGO NUTRO !!! Who does not just charge a distance nenavisnomu vrazhin right in the Scoreboard large cross (though not such as in fires - but those are just thick canned, and we izyashnye Freaks in robes)
Do not forget that on the Holy Light's damage affects Link castes (tsinzu we eat) and stool gives + 30% dmg.

Well on basic skills like all. The rest themselves guessed what kama like.

Now Rags:
Indian Hat + 0 + 6Zaschita from all kinds of physical attacks + 20% magic damage + 20% - at DMG Holi Light
Brown felling + 6 + 9 (not exact consuming our demeydzh damage by 30% !!!! 6 - consuming 10% of our dmg ideally + 9 does not reduce our dmg but provides 30% protection against all types of attacks.)
green felling (sharpening is not important) -serednyachok fiz.dmg + 20% + 20% physical protection against all melee attacks.
White val + 6 (ideally seven or more but probably after the update) - to build Flea
Well, black + 6 if you have decided that you are the "Terminator" - presses although ideally 9 is generally a good idea.
coat antifreeze
Valya armor + 7 and more
and of course the elemental armor
Wali prefer coat + 6 and more
but as a budget option in the set Wool Scarf with tidalami.
Wali shield + 8 and more - protection + resist elements Strong Shield + 8, and more - and you can not push DEF.
slips 20% x
options + 20% HP only if not accurate.
Tidaly - to set a vul Scarfe.
Mindy + 9 + 10 (+ mazhorstvo universally)
Bles + 9 (cheap but + a lot, you can not push)
Angie + 6 ideally + 9 + 10 (again mainly Flea builds 100 and the hit will not be superfluous)
HP Wing + 7 + 10 + our ace is a good option to hold dmg and usability of curry increase.
Points + 10 pages - melee damage, points to +10 Inta Holick dmg build, tail + 100 hit the tail 100 Flea -fli build.
Ifrit Ringo :-) MEGA int to Holick, MEGA varnish wagon, on the front page of MEGA stool, MEGA vit controversial, such as x and add but we can and do fall from Tanya.
WEAPONS NOW (I deliberately left on our posledok- vkusnuypirogek)
Book coma - speaks for itself.
Stool + 7 + 10 - will describe the details:
Special stool, designed for blows to the head
These structures are often used in the Middle Ages bars
In simple attack ignores Luk (does not work on Guild Wars)
The area of ​​destruction - 2 cells
It pushes all enemies in the area affected by 1 cell
MAtk + 28%
Vit +100
Dex +75
For most skills are not wasted gemstony
When sharpening 5 and more - damage Holy Light skill known as + 30%
When sharpening 7 and more - Attack Power + 5500% (in the Guild Wars + 550%)
When sharpening 10 - after the strike, the opponent does not move for a short time
Atk + 50 * Level sharpening%
MAtk + 2 * level of sharpening%
Increases damage by DemiHuman race 2 * Level sharpening%
Increases the damage of race DemiHuman 2 * Level sharpening%
In short rigid piece

Now the card of the item:
Head-Evil Snake Lord (kёrs, Blind), Orc Hero (from the mill protection), Gemini 30% protection from Kersey and moan stana- Gemini as an option for the current one is not a plus. Mardruk - by silences.
Telomerase angeling (holy rezist), Sword fish (Watery resist), Tao DGCPI (our CP) Guest (Azure, Sacra, hell), Bathory (against ministreley and coma).
Cape-Mars (Vater resist) noksius (protection against Ranged) devling (and labor and not very dress when sure that before you pure hell Creo, Flea build fell to a minimum of pages, Champa fixated on Azura, when the enemy is fixated on poryah or Santa), Jack - FIRE resist.
Shield-HTB (minus Pori), packaging (minus demedzh mi, and magic but not all, Pilar), Horn (minus Ranged DMG), jellyfish (pestle like to put Hans, ninjas and Champa) in May to a rare sluchayah- xn -That strashno.
Oruzhie- [Valia Radriges, inkriz samurai 2 turtl General] -The main dmg stool [Golem, 3 Lord] -com [Valia Radriges 3 metalinga] - strip,
Well, I give a hint there is still giving cards autocast fairly good skills so try :-)
Shoes-I carry a map of the IMP labs 2, and Green Ferus, matting, edga - but it seems we have is not working.
Eyes-ideal is Evil Snake Lord May purpl-auxiliary for me.
Acces-Aligator, smokey, kokesy on dmg Holick.

Tactics in PVP
Well tactic is simple to outrageous :-)
First of all it is necessary to proceed from the one with whom pvp and what you (the enemy's) armor. Remember the true power of Priest will be revealed only if the normal of gear. But Stool + 10 is not critical (unless Vanya decides something to tie as a bonus in the future), as well as quite yuzabelen + 8.
I shall warn - tsinzu we eat at offu, curry try to keep permanently, gems and holy water of the basilica also must always be present in your inventory, Gast, boxes, witch, cheese, Chant - all this is also necessary.
So, in order:

1. Kraus - a difficult opponent. He rarely gives himself to pinch in the corner of the back sidinga, so that the stool is not particularly pomashesh.
If he has a lot of polish immediately coma book drop and wear stool, if not, you can start to try his luck with her. If the enemy dressed Bathory is better to throw the book naperet stool and int MEGA Kukes and try to kill the holy Light. Only if you decide to continue to beat the same stool advise put Bathory - and then lie down with coma Wing for the second. If you throw Status - What can I say - "you are a noob": D, if you beat Dream Interpretation dress ful mile protection and caste curry, put Safet ox, or stupidly sitting in the Basilica and show tongue - there's as you like.
But for me, put rings Ifrit - DPS put a stool - put spinners (or Strong Shield), stand in sefeti and hope for the Korean random, and hit something very damagovoe :-) In general, there are hundreds of varieties and all can claim to correctness.
2. Pala - thick reflektovye cans: D. And honestly very difficult protivnik.Konechno it can hold stool but in 50% of cases you can just simply kill themselves (fucking reflexive). Well, of course dress against Sakra GOST against Holly Kraus angleling - but I nedelayu. I dress Tao and Angie, and more castes or curry Safet ox. Beat fell holy Light impractical - they have an innate protection against holy dmg + 30%. Try plugging zadamazhit coma. And it is better to put a stool with metalingami and to start stripnut gun and then to try to do something. Again a bunch of options I described exemplary actions and that everyone will have to argue it.
3. Profiles - Dispel + Fork + LP + + Pori = mercenary Kafra, but again efreet with their "courtesy kit" and metalingi can help you greatly :-) The main thing to get away from the LP, set base quickly to cast curry again and run do not give yourself to eat and hired poryam (their footsteps Gast). So hope and believe happy
4. HV - formidable opponent, and yet one of the easiest, magic and Karshi cut Horne, Pilar packaging, Jack + chantik. And as usual hope efreet + metalingi. Of course you can try poyuzat Holy Light and get a good result. Remember good XB will eat you base and foot ball Gast + WATER + wn. I do not advise stared element for your get just more damage to others. Skill = my version of the coat. And XB highly mobile Persian and Persian rukastogo can kill only efreet.
5. Snipe - there must immediately be ready to receive either double or FA, I advise you not to wear GOST because only do worse, and eat a witch and try to start poyuzat holy light, if not passed - Gast and stool. Of course we can not forget about the pneuma, as well as stairs. If you stepped on a stopyaschie while standing on the ladder set pneuma and Mine container dress and sit in the base - not forgetting to make fun of the enemy tongue :-)
6. Hans - don Horn (but not elsi current Hans yuzaet desperado - then packaging), be prepared for disarmu - the way he breaks even Chem Protect. Kari should hang on you constantly, for you can only withstand a truck with curry. Hawley lights, coma efreet + = refer to the situation of course if the strip has passed - it is possible to Knock Hans shameful Pendeli or see it glittering in the distance tongue heel.
7. Sun - the Sun is delicious for us - it can not push because Fabliau Aqsa! But they are usually high DPS, so Stored Yagami, antistatusami, yuzaem curry and hope efreet, strip propret not have congenital PT Axa cast a cannon; you can try and book a coma Holi lajty.
8. LC - terrible traffic police car, which is able to devour us even with curry in a matter of seconds. So hope for the status and strip. LK without guns Hans, but a little thicker than angry. Change shields depending on the skill (Spiral Horn bb -. Packaging). Throw it as far as possible the CRA and themselves sit in angah so help you himself ifud !!!
9. CH - very formidable opponent. My favorite skill they mammon, so that it is better to put the container, and yet they put the wall - jack + Chant actively yuzayut groan Kersey - card: Evil Druid, jellyfish, Old School or armor earth element. Just try holy Light, who (as a rule, rarely - if you talk with LODs in the stool) and ifritiki. But because of their innate body relekshena - press stool is difficult, but if he will wear the CH spinners. Well, if the strip - the ... BUTTON CH-y biggrin.
10. Creo - terribly annoying and cunning bastards. OP - eliminates the possibility of the strip. Get ready for what will be a long time to run juzat Gast, guide a bunch of fires, and even sit in Heide or shred megahit. So yuzaem ruveych, boxes AIDS, Gast, etc. Dress container + Chant we eat. Fiery reservations can naperet but you can catch the water and on the head of the Chant mamonity, while Creo mamonita Pts even good so do not forget about it. Hawley lights, coma, efreet :-) everything for you.
11. Rogues - plagiatery !!! In the lawsuit against them for breach of professional rights biggrin. And in the case of a formidable opponent, who is always able to surprise you. Again ruvach + pneuma (if double), safeti (if mi dmg - Mist slash, Mamonov), base - update curry, Korean and wait :-) randomness or Torquay Holick. If you stripnuli - victory or ignominious escape if you stripnuli - biggrin tactical retreat, or sit in the database until the end of the strip :-) FP Wing naperet possible, but the main thing to watch for curry and cast their own ace otherwise would collapse rapidly.
12. Soul Linkers - very heavy prof. Again zadamazhit stool is practically impossible due to their Jampa, holy Light can shoot but rarely produce results, they are often removed from our ace and curry does not protect from magic. Base - prekast aces, on a stool or a strip Loda, book coma Gast, efreet and luck. If passed strip - you can breathe a sigh of relief, and (most likely) to see how to link to skedaddle jump. Do not forget to dress and eat Laitinen Horn Chant.
13. Star Gladiators - the main thing is not juzat holy light, will collapse in a moment. Dress to antistatusy + packaging + Light Chant (just fire). Then your imagination :-).
14. Gypsy and Bardy- very difficult opponents. Bathory dress, Horn, Gast, we eat rolls with AGI and boxes, perekastovyvaem curry and ace in the basilica. Tyrkat Holick, and try to stripnut efreeti usually strip = death or escape, work Ifrit (dream interpretation, bb, investor or Azure) the same result, though not always the dream book. And we try to catch him (her) the same apples - x is no more than tongue. It is better to take just a couple of boards or AF Wing but then diligently follow the curry and Asa.
15. Priest - napryazhno pvp, but one of the most fun. Usually it lasts until the first strip or trip efreet :-) and there really fortunate. Unforgettable, that your basil cancels her own enemy, clothe packaging caste curry, throw the enemy as much as possible and run in the CRA angah + tao. If the beat book coma dress Bathory and try to catch a coma Wing.
16. Nina - one of the most difficult protivnikov.Obychno only hope holy lajty and strip, but may be lucky and Korean randomness but usually rare. Put pneuma (against Fuuma and kunai), Safet ox (slash mist), just change the panels (Horn or containers), throw CRA, twist ruvagu, update curry and pray to strip happy. If stripnuli - ning turns into dummy whipping usually falls either a hero or a coward dumps (but alive).
That pritsipe and all the guys. He told me what I know and how I do it. You can say a frame in front of his eyes, and only what you sculpt it yourself think :-) Good luck.
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