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Fable.Форум » English Forum » Guild section » [Guild] All you should know about guilds
[Guild] All you should know about guilds
DominaTeДата: Четверг, 30.03.2017, 18:27 | Сообщение # 1
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Much people want to create a guild but sometimes there are things you didn't know about. In this guide I'll tell you some useful things
1. Creating a guild
To create a guild we need Emperium (which is dropped from Baphomet, Golden Thief Bug, Golden Savage, Gift Box, Angeling , Ghostring , Old Violet Box , Old Blue Box, Mimic , Mineral, Shining Plant , Orc Zombie , Requiem). After we have an Emperium in our inventory we write in chat a command: /guild "Guild Name"

2. How to make a guild Emblem?
In the game folder create a folder with name Emblem
Right here you should add your guild emblem. For your convenience i've added a source with much emblems. >>CLICK<<
Emblem properties: format — BMP (24bit), emblem size — 24 x24. Transparent color is (FF00FF/255.000.255).
In game press (ALT + G) and button edit

3. How to invite a person in your guild
Right click on a person whom you want to invite and press "Invite to guild"

4. How to expel a person.
Open (ALG+G) menu, go to Guildsmen tab, find one you want to kick, right click on his nick and press Expel. A window with an expel reason would appear (you can leave it blank).

5. How to break a guild
Expel everyone except yourself (watch 4. paragraph), write in chat /breakguild «Guild Name»

6. How to change a GM (Guild Master)
You can change GM with the help of command @changegm Nickname. Both current and new GM should be online.
7. How to LVL UP a guild.
At the tab Position at the right side of position Tax, is a tax from killing monsters, which goes to the guild EXP. Max Tax is equal to 50%.
Or at our server you can LVL UP a guild with VIP 2 with a help of command @guildlvup
8. How to add a guild to Alliance.
Right click on a player which is in guild who you want to make an Alliance with and click «Request to agree to alience with» (there are max 4 guilds in Alliance)
9. How to add a guild to Antagonist.
Right click on a player which is in guild who you want to fight against and press Set this guild as Antagonist.

Looks like that is all you need! Good luck!
FelixannorДата: Вторник, 01.10.2019, 11:35 | Сообщение # 2
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Fable.Форум » English Forum » Guild section » [Guild] All you should know about guilds
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