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Hello, traveler. If you like the mobility, survivability and versatility - Stalker for you.

Stalker - one of the most mysterious and diverse classes, preparation of which depends only on your imagination. As part of this guide
Consider just some of the possible builds that are eligible for
existence in the hands of a professional, but not so rational as the standard build,
note that I will concentrate in the end.

So, what can we splagiatit:

1) Sacra (Sacrifice)
This tactic is feasible only with the support of at least one ally in the form of
Gypsy or Clown (can be in the second window).

To pump the stats on the bow (dex + vit + varnish), dress Fable Bow + 10I armor for maximum protection, kradёm Sacra (do not forget to maintain the ability to
activation Preserve), Buffalo apples.
Bottom line: The Elusive Avengers with two kinds of ranged attacks
and the amount of disposable health. Vytselivat weak opponents. If
ingenious enemy and put Ghostring card => Immaterial Arrows (Ghost element) + Double Strafing correct the situation.

2) Fireplace (Demonstration)
It is effective only in the defense position at GW when you
you know, what the enemy appears the cage.
Fable Stiletto + 10 will give you the fifth level of skill and should be worn only for setting the fires. Much more damage do you
Retrieved from Fable Bow + 10, which will dress after setting fires as campfires damage depends not on the STR, but from ATK's, which is accelerated by a autocast Attention Concentrate at clothing bow. The stats are the same (vit + index + varnish).
And the main trick fires in general - is their installation.
Determine the appearance of the enemy cell, set fires at the corners of the cell
(4 fire). After any act committed opponent to hit him
Simultaneously, all 4 fire that it is clearly upset. And when dressing odёzhek on Done
even more upset. Especially fatty can finish with the same Double Strefinga that definitely will not be superfluous.

3) Strefing Beast (Beast Strafing)
For people who like to take risks. Ability working with 10
sharpening Fable Bow. Unlike the sniper, just in the skill list does not appear and is necessary
plagiarism from another sniper. Stats - DEX, VIT, STR on
maximum (yes, Bista damage depends STR).
A plus:
Huge damage, in some cases exceeding DoubleStrafing'a damage 2.5 times, which significantly easier to kill the enemy combination
Double + Beast than 3 consecutive doubles.
Randomly this damage. For example, in most cases
will "fall out" of 0.33 double, or 0.66. Treasured 2.5 relative to the drop
rarely - in 5-10% of cases.
Given the limited time (in the Guards, for example)
slozhnorealizuemo. Hit or miss. 2.5 or 0.33. Blast the enemy or
blew himself up.

4) Mist (Mist Slash)
One of the most dangerous options for plagiarism, as
comparable to the melee. Beat the need to bow. Stats as is the case with bonfires.
Do not forget to Horong Card accessory in order to beat without stopping.
Damage is less than the ninja, but the ability to have a place to be in this
list. Perverts as much! Or I alone ...

5) Tatami (Reverse Tatami)
"How so? The same defensive skills! "- You ask and find yourself
rights. BUT! This ability deals damage in a cross-shaped area around the
character, and, therefore, can be splagiacheno.
It turns you into an archer, capable of dodging
distant physical attacks (Double Strafe  , Tracking  , Throw Fuuma Shuriken  , Spiral Pierce  , Magic Chasher  etc.), than obviously can not boast of a regular sniper. Protect against further magic is possible only
partially - with the help of Reflect. The maximum chance of 59% -  Dark-red Swan of Reflection+10, Frus Card in any 10 armor, Cat O' Nine Tails Card in shoes. Fortunately magicians are not so much.

And now from the
Addiction to the case. Moreover, for what you have come here.
It's about the most effective
skills Stalker - on Falling Ice Pillar.
This skill magical character, where
It follows a simple conclusion about the need to become:

Vit, Int, Luk - to a maximum of 150 Dex (allows instant cast skills, but Pilar)
150 Agi (to be able to stick with the cards stumbles on status at 193 Aspd),
balance Str.

The damage of this skill is so high that he
is able to kill all those who are not wearing water. Therefore, the need for on Exodus
Int or uterus virtually eliminated. However, there is in some armor
nuances that should stipulate:

1) Fable Stiletto +10 only 10, we need to cast the 10th skill level. After activation and skill in all other cases it is necessary to wear Combat Knife , giving us as much as 10% protection. I advise them to wear a few pieces. Break frequently.

2) Be sure to Phen Card insertion in the accessory that allows you to cast a skill without interruption when damaged (but not
you use Spell Break).

3) The best ring -  Ring of Speed and Ring of Mages. The first increase since we need the speed of movement. It is in motion Life Stalker!
The second will Int and a little Pdef'a. Dress or both rings, or two
magic, if you are not too lazy to eat Box of Thunder .

4) In the glasses inserted Nightmare Card. It will give immunity to the Sleep status, to whom love to indulge ninja, Lux and many other long-nat. DPS. Only
dangerous status for you - Stone Curse .

5) What is your "everyday" armor - armor gives you
maximum protection from enemies. Select "povsednevku" depending on the
the presence of the enemy 4ёh poringov. If they are not - in the shield Thara Frog Card , into the mantle (required Diablos Manteau) - Noxious Card. If they are - replace the card into the mantle at Raydric Card.

We proceed to the definition of some obvious and not so obvious tricks
subtleties and rules that you must know and use any Stalker!

1) Skill Falling Ice Pillar can steal mermaids at @w ro2, where they live on the north coast of the island card. Check whether disabled
Preserve. Disconnect noctrl team / noctrl or Alt + O [uncheck NoCtrl], so as not to "stick" to the mermaid auto attack and to react in time to attack it. Next, learn how to catch the moment of impact
mermaid, which can not get you on the first try, even if you have mastered
these earlier. Hitting mermaid hand, waiting for the beginning of the casting, and immediately after the fall of
lumps from heaven, activate the Preserve. If you do not have time, you get a useless icicles to his skill tree, instead of the desired Pilar.

2) Stalker, become immune to the skill
Dispel after eating Cinza. But, nevertheless, there are two skills that can be removed from your buffs, including Preserve then, that will lead to the time spent on running around the Mermaids - Tarot Card of Fate  of Fate (cards from gypsum / bard, that is one of them, removes buffs from the enemy) and the Wand of Hermod  (dance / song from Gypsy / bard forming region, removes the effect, hereinafter referred to as "blocks" of the people because of its animation).

3) As mentioned above, the survival
Stalker is in its mobility, namely Back Sliding'е. Put this skill on a convenient key (eg Q) and zabindite (Alt + M) in the Alt + 1 or 2 team / bangbang (for rotation
character clockwise) or / bingbing (counterclockwise). Your task - to learn
move with the keyboard, turning his back to the place where
You want to move. Skim all, go through mazes using the "slide".
Paladin survives because of the fat content, and Stalker - due uvorotlivosti!

4) Most of all have to slide over
imprumu in the castle, so potrollit opponents to distract their attention. In that
the case of the most dangerous is your enemy - Hans. One track and Kafra. Dress shield with Horn Card, mantle with Noxious Card , the second ring with Alligator Card .Now you have a good defense against ranged attacks, allowing you to
most cases still relive treasured track. Poringi slow -
throw Storm Gust (using the scroll) and uprygivaem. Showing fig near DPS, who are trying to catch up with you vytselit and amid the chaos.

5) Reject Sword - 75% -tnym chance to halve the damage poringov from paladins and Super Novice. It is thanks to him that there is no HTB (but
not always). When clamping poringami you click on this skill as soon as possible.
However, this does not help, but poringi frightened, that's for sure.

6) Full Strip - what makes effective builds even those that have been described above. It is very tricky and annoying habit.
Use always. Everywhere. Against everyone.

7) Wings with poringami. There are in all, but only
Stalker on, they reveal a new side. Why? Yes, because you can
run through all your favorite "Gast" in Hiding'a mode and landed poringami when this would not be expected. Apply at
the absence of a direct threat to your life.

8) Those can be used in poringov
Battle one-on-one, when Pilar is not enough damage. Produce santa
at the end of your caste Pilar. Poringi cause some damage, and Pilar finishes

As mentioned above, the only thing that
can knock castes Pilar - a Spell Break. There are three ways how to deceive the enemy profiles:

9) Use Pilar mass attack
through objects that can not be shot through targeted skills, Kojima
a Spell Break. Get up for the object, kastuem, we beat =)

10) There is a feature in Ragnarok (or bug) because of which you do not see the cast of another player if he was put out of your
visibility. Provoke the player uprygivaete beyond its visibility,
run Pilar castes.

11) A third method is considerably more complicated. For the real robbers. You must hide inside another player (as a union, so the enemy), or within
poringov own. As a result, there is a chance that the spell breaks thrown not into you, and the other player.

And in the end I suggest you evaluate a couple of moments that reveal the essence of the Stalker!

Fable.Форум » ОФФТОП » Флуд » Stalker
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