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Gunslinger Evil Room
Йа_Тюлень_хДДата: Среда, 15.02.2017, 16:04 | Сообщение # 1
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So, Gunslinger in Evil Room:

Let's start with the fact that Hans in fact, not much different from Snipe in Evilrume.

So let's start:
dex - 1k
luk - 1k
agi - in the furnace all the stat
vit - 900-1000 (you can sacrifice a bit to raise the Vita page (payload + little attack rate)
int - 100 (at least a little magician DEF, and of the joint venture, in other matters can be sacrificed in favor of the page, but will force small with this)
str - the rest.


dex - 1k
str - 1k
agi - in the furnace all the stat
vit - 900-1000 (you can sacrifice a bit to lift the nail Vita)
int - 100 (can be sacrificed in favor of the nail, but it will come with a little of this)
luk - everything else

Note: If you are brave man, you can make pages / varnish - 1k, and Vita, everything else. With 1k Vita with green firusom xn about 5.3kk

Next clothes and maps:
1) Black Valkyrie's helm или  Green Valkyries Helm (And then, and then you can no sharpening), that would not catch on Blind Full Buster, which we constantly beat takes one slot  Evil Snake Lord Card
2) Heart Sunglasses c  Kiel Card This card reducing the gap between the skills and the tire of waiting  

3) Aebeccee's Raging Typhoon Armor c  Gloom under Night Card, there is no point in considering  Tao Gunka Сard as an option because it is necessary to maxing damazhku, kraynyak course you can with it, but taxis Gloom 
4) Fable Gun 8 and desirably higher, but generally and 6 sufficiently. It put  Thanatos Card и  Abysmal Knight Card x3
5) Ring of Speed и  Brisingamen или  Ring of Long Live или  Megingjard
In askesy paste  Zerom Card или  Ifrit Card In topkku Aligator from them will be a little confused, shakes damazhku  
6) It is simply -  Sleipnir с  Green Ferus Card
7) Valkyrie's Manteau c  Deviling Card It would not be bad if the Dragon Tail would give us a boost, but alas, it only works with bows  
8)Daiguren(Possible without sharpening, but it's better just to have 8) c with 3  Kiel Card сin fact here the card for the same, for what and glasses. And yes, that's three

Next raskhodka:

1) Silver Bullet - Well of course it is
2) Yggdrasil Berry - without them nowhere at all
3) Potion of wind resistance - will be helpful in general that

Now additional software: Clicker and Avtozhor.

Finally tactics:
We are moving quickly, but do not hurry. Our task fulbasterom ruin from a distance without getting a bunch of mobs, otherwise we kirdyk.

Test conducted with:
dex - 1k
str - 1k
agi - in the furnace all the stat
vit - 1k
int - 100
luk - 731 (the rest)


1) Black Valkyrie's helm+6 с Evil Snake Lord Card
2) Heart Sunglasses c Kiel Card
3) Aebeccee's Raging Typhoon Armor c Gloom under Night Card
4) Fable Gun+8 c Thanatos CardAbysmal Knight Card x3
5) Ring of Speed and Ring of Long Live с Ifrit Card
6) Sleipnir с Green Ferus Card
7) Valkyrie's Manteau c Deviling Card
8) Daiguren+8 C with 3 Kiel Card

Test results:
The test showed that the farm in this embodiment, it is possible, the evil falls to 1-2 Full Buster, to sweep the hut came out about 30 seconds. (Usually less than 30 seconds) on the average
Unfortunately, the idea about the farm through a desperado failed, too little dmg is needed edgi map of bots, which reduces our x, x generally low, too long standing in a pile, and as a result often die.
saidusДата: Четверг, 16.02.2017, 03:43 | Сообщение # 2
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спасибо за гайд

ho ho
Fable.Форум » English Forum » Guides » Gunslinger Evil Room
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